The multiversery

Poetic justice events are now 2 whole years young, to celebrate this very important milestone we will be collaborating with grow heathrow to once again give you another amazing selection of experiences for your enjoyment.

Last year was the universery, this year is the multiversery 😉

Poetic justice is a platform for awake and aware artists to showcase their material to a like minded audience in a friendly atmosphere. its also a collective, a loosely affiliated network of artists and networks (great for networking and meeting people with similar interests). Its also the 30th birthday celebration for the creator of poetic justice john blake, so it’s a double celebration for some.

Grow heathrow is an activist camp situated in Heathrow, they removed tonnes of rubbish from a disused space and built from the ground up into a grassroots action group and eco village, put in place to build resilient communities, capable of collectively, coping with the injustices and threats of the economic, ecological and democratic crises that the Heathrow expansion poses!

If you’ve never been to a poetic justice or grow Heathrow then nows your chance, this will be an event you wont forget. as always there will be an awesome line up of meaningful, powerful, thought provoking and expansive spoken word, hip hop and live music that tends to be a mixture of activism, awareness raising, spirituality, self and society development, positive and profound, conspiracy, psychedelia and everything inbetween. If you are familiar then you know what to expect (meaningful magic)

as always it will be a mixture of regulars, once or twicers and new faces. in alphabetical order you will be have the oppurtunity to experience the awesome words of benjamin meah, cameron houston, cara means friend, george lawrence, habiba, hart floe, john blake, kev the poet, luke addison, marina joyce, max roche, mother, phil osophy, roxie rowland and wanda “frank” canton

featuring a special guest talk and conscious dj set by researcher, music journalist, truther, author and dj Mark Devlin, host of the good vibrations podcast and the sound of freedom show. teaching us about the contents of his books, musical truth – exposing the mind control manipulation behind the corporate music industry and how to take back our power.

Free entry, communal meals, cheap bar, camping space (and limited guest house spaces), pedal powered sound system, 24 hour transport links. What more could you ask for eh

please bring any of your home comforts that youd like (tent, sleeping bags, snacks, pads n pens, warm clothes n blankets etc)

Please share the event page and invite your friends, its definitely not one to be missed, spread the word, network it and prepare for an epic gathering ♥

some things go unspoken and other things transcend words, poetic justice is here to change that

omwards, upwards, outwards and in-words